Web Based Project

Akasa Purih Company Website


Akasa Purih is a rental company that renting tents, chairs, air conditioners, fans, and etc for any purposes (wedding, meeting, party, etc). My job is providing a website that displaying about the company and their rent product list to their customer. Powered with WordPress CMS and Elementor plugin

ModernPos (Kasir Preview)


With ModernPos concept, cashier don’t need a computer and handled barcode scanner while checking out customer shop list. They only using smartphone as cashier machine that integrate with server.

E-Sign (Digital Attendance)


Creating alternative technology with only using smartphone camera as QR Code Scanner. Cutting budget for Digital Attendance system, say no more to big peripheral.

Blanker Clothing e-Commerce Website


Blanker Clothing is an apparel store based in Bekasi, Indonesia. My job is providing ecommerce website to display their apparel product with purchasing via online system. Powered with WordPress CMS and WooCommerce plugin.